The Secret Room ★HOLDING 336★

Do you remember the story of the secret room
which is closed by a witch's mischief?
The doors open only for as short as two weeks...
But these days they seem to be budy.
A rumor says they're about to start something enjoyable.

I secretly tell you the rumor.
After opening the closed door,
they're going to protect something together.
Why don't you try to find something sweet
during they're keeping the door open?
When you find some sweet, touch it without causing conflict♬
You can get a key for a secret door♪
What to do with the secret key?
Put it on yourself carefully and go to the place of its map
which is contained with the key.
I think there will be a door for the key!

But I also heard of such a bad rumor.
As the time goes on, they lose their power,
which prevents them to protect the sweets.
What will happen when they fail to guard?
I feel so sorry but the mischievous witch steals them all......

I hope they can keep all the 5 sweet boxes and big smiles,
but they're the kids who easily get hungry, sleepy,
and soon tired...
So it might be good to hurry to visit before the witch steals the boxes.

[How to Find a Secret Door]
Now, here's the explanation of "The Secret Room ★HOLDING 336★".
♦ Candies are falling at the Secret Room main place.
One candy has one secret key and one secret LM.
♦ First, please touch a candy.
♦ A candy you touched gives you a secret key and a secret LM.
♦ Please teleport to the LM of the candy.
♦ When you finish teleport, attach the secret key and search a secret door for the key.
[Secret Door Hint] A White House
♦ When you find the door, touch it gently.
♦ I suppose it gives you some special gift★

♦ It is set to random which candy and how often a candy falls.
♦ A candy disappears as time goes.
♦ A candy disappears when someone touches it.
♦ At first, there are 5 candy boxes.
After the 24 hours from the event opening, they go one by one without notice.
♦ There are "13" secret keys in all.
♦ All the keys are no copy/trans.
♦ After you use a key, it remains in your inventory but you can't reuse it even if you reattach it.
♦ We cannot respond to any personal inquiry for the Secret Room ★HOLDING 336★.
♦ We kindly ask you to keep it secret where the Secret Room ★HOLDING 336★ doors are hidden.